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Pediatric Psychiatry and Counseling - Children and Teens

At Walston Health Services, we offer expertise in individual child and adolescent therapy as well as parenting consultations regarding a wide range of developmental, social/emotional and behavioral issues including:

  • ADHD (attention, concentration, and hyperactivity problems)

  • Behavioral and conduct problems

  • Childhood depression

  • Fear and anxiety

  • Social/interpersonal difficulties

  • Adjustment to various transitions

  • Loss, grief and trauma

  • Family conflict

  • Divorce

  • School refusal and school behavior issues

  • Academic learning difficulties

  • Shyness, difficulty making friends

  • Bullying, peer interaction problems

  • Elimination disorders (encopresis, enuresis)

  • Feeding difficulties

  • Eating disorders

  • Weight issues

  • Sleep difficulties

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