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Psychiatric and Counseling Services 

At Walston Health Services we get to know you as a neighbor so that we can deeply understand your needs and exceed your expectations as your provider of health services. 

Learn about how WHS helps individuals through diagnosis and treatment and counseling.

WHS understands that support units are important to growth. We'll help you work together as a team.

At WHS, we help children and adolescents get on the right path to healthy mental development.

We know that elderly adults have a unique set of needs. WHS aims to provide custom care for our seniors.

Community Outreach

Anger Management & Resilience

Walston Health Services partners with other experienced professionals to provide Anger Management and Resilience Training in our office and in area's public schools. This critical service helps children and adolescents overcome everyday challenges that may cause disruption and hinder personal growth and development.

Employee Assistance Programs

Walston Health Services participates in Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) within some insurance programs. If your employer group partners with your health plan to provide psychiatry and counseling services, we can help you use your benefit and get the care you need. 

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